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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Obesity occurs when your body gets excess calories, more than it can burn in one day.

“Eating more or exercising less” or both ways, are the crucial causes of non-used fat accumulation around the body.

How to eat with no obesity

Consider the amount of food suitable for the body’s natural needs each day so that there is a balancing and complete burning down of calories, is the best way to diet. Women wanting to lose weight should control calories from food in the range of 1,500 calories/day, and the numbers of calories should not be lower than this level in order to keep the body’s system functioning normally over the long term. Importantly, the food consumed each day should contain all the nutrients necessary for the body to operate at its optimum level. For recommended dishes, the food should not contain high numbers of calories, in particular, evening meals should be limited to maximum of 200-300 Kcal.

The 4 principles for losing weight sustainably

Breakfast should not be omitted because it’s so important to give calories to the body, enabling the metabolic system to function normally all day; plus, one should eat one’s next meal on time and it’s important not to skip lunch so that you don’t feel too hungry when it’s time for the evening meal.

Avoid sweet things or beverages with large amounts of sugar. If you want something sweet, you should eat fresh fruit which equal amount to 1 apple.

Reduce carbohydrate in the evening time and eat more vegetables and protein foods such as meat, beans, milk, eggs etc.

Stop eating food at least 4 hours before sleeping, it’s recommended that you only drink water before bedtime and you should avoid eating an evening meal after 8.00pm.

4 steps

to be slim with beautiful skin resulting*

If you are looking for how to lose weight easily but good resulting. The new innovative of food supplement will help you to change your fatty shape becomes slim shape by 4B phenomenal

4 steps to succeed in entirely controlling weight: Brake & Block, Burn, Boost up, Beauty 

 Break & Block
Reduce excess calories absorbed from sugar and carbohydrate that slowing down sugar absorbed into the blood stream so that you can suppress the creation of new fat

Speed up the burning of excess fat accumulated in your body to help create a slender shape

Restore and support the body’s natural working system effectively, adapting your health to your new weight so that you can prevent any occurrence of a yo-yo effect.

All nutrients are useful for the body and skin, giving energy to body so that you aren’t exhausted even losing weight.

The new innovation of food supplement which change your fatty shape becomes slim shape with beautiful skin resulting

Active ingredients:

White kidney bean extract 100 mg.
Garcinia Extract 100 mg.
Marine Collagen Powder 100 mg.
Gelatine 94.08 mg.
Soy Protein Isolate 40 mg.
Spirulina Algae 40 mg.
Safflower powder 40 mg.
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 24 mg.
Emblica extract 20 mg.
Pine Bark Extract 20 mg.
Green Tea Extract 20 mg.
Titanium dioxide 1.92 mg.

Direction : Take 1 capsule, before breakfast meal

Packaging size : 300 capsules / Box

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