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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exam & Accident

Today is a seconday exam.. yesterday morning i have English paper..not bad but still bad coz i not sure i have done correctly or hampeh hehehe.. this morning lak i have Titas.. although in me it is so hard to understand coz the answer close to each other..tak meraban aku.. lucky i dont bring 'dadu' if not harubiru la hahahaha...

I forgot to story about this morning accident.. as usually my love husben send me to UTM.. when we cross the road from duke highway, suddenly i saw one accident 20 meter from me.. accident happen at the traffic light.. we go near to the victim.. i saw one face somebody i know.. Oh my God!! my brother in law.. one rider langgar him.. then my husben tell me..'there..aye..' hah!!!! aye!!!! i so surprise.. i ask aye either she ok or not ok.. sha said she ok.. i cannot stay for along time..i have paper.. my husben send me then go back to the accident area.. i hope nothing happen to my sis and her husband..

Ok..go back to my story about exam.. i not 100% concentrate to my paper coz i always think about my sis.. i hope my answer more than 60% correct la..hehehe.. susah maaaa.. tommoro i have last paper.. & this saturday i will start back a new semester without a "REST" day...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

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